Some Great Prices on LG 4K TVs

Some Great Prices on LG 4K TVs

A minimum of so far as 2016 is worried LG is a touch bit like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde when it comes to their 4K UHD TVs. Around the one hands, the organization manufactures what exactly are still regarded as the most effective 4K ultra HD TVs on the planet by means of their OLED models, that offer absolutely stunning display specs, excellent connectivity and what’s perhaps the market?s best smart TV platform up to now.

Then however, LG also manufactures numerous non-OLED 4K Lcd Television models, many of them with flat screens, that are largely disappointing compared to rival LCD 4K TVs from the many other famous labels, particularly The new sony, Samsung and Panasonic. Except for discussing exactly the same superb webOS 2. (and webOS 3. for 2016 LG models) smart TV platform, the LCD 4K ultra HD TVs in LG?s selection almost appear as though these were produced by another, inferior company with the type of lower quality they deliver.

This is applicable particularly to LG?s cheaper models and it?s particularly strange thinking about that rivals like The new Sony and Vizio, in addition to even Samsung have the ability to produce cheaper High Definition Tvs which still retain some good highlights, highlights that are frequently decidedly much better than individuals of the LG LCD 4K counterparts.

Quite simply, while LG?s OLED 4K TV models are absolute market winners when it comes to quality, their LCD 4K models are TVs we rarely recommend over comparable The new sony or Samsung models. To date, two best LG LCD 4K TV models we?ve covered would be the 2016 UH8500 and UH9500 HDR televisions. We cover both further lower below and they’re most likely the very best LG LCD 4K televisions we?ve seen to date.


LG?s 4K UHD TVs for 2015 and 2016 could be divided lower into five broad groups, which we?ve reviewed three to-date. Essentially, they contain LG LCD 4K TVs, LG curved OLED 4K TVs, LG?s flat late 2015 OLED 4K TVs, LG?s Super UHD High Definition TVs for 2016 and lastly, their newest OLED 2016 4K TV models. All the 2015 models OLED or LCD’s share exactly the same smart TV platform by means of webOS 2. and every one of the 2016 models includes webOS 3. When it comes to connectivity, all LG?s TVs will also be basically identical. Where they dramatically differ is incorporated in the quality of the display specs, their internal processing capacities as well as in their finer display rendering features.

Here you can find Some Great Prices on LG 4K TVs:

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