Questions to Consider Before Buying or Renting a Pick and Carry Crane?

Questions to Consider Before Buying or Renting a Pick and Carry Crane?

Have you been renting pick and carry cranes for a while now? Are you ready to purchase one of your own? Well, there are certainly a lot of factors to consider, so let’s look at some of the questions you should ask yourself before making this important decision.

Do You Have The Funds To Buy it?

It’s relatively easy to budget in crane rental costs, but purchasing a crane is a whole other story. Do you have the funds to buy a crane upfront? If not, how would you source these funds? And would you be able to afford the monthly repayments?

Where Would You Keep The Crane If You Bought It?

Cranes are large. And when you own one, you need the right storage facilities so that your asset can be stored safely and securely. Do you have a suitable storage facility available to you? Where would you store your crane if you were to buy one?

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Is A Pick and Carry Crane The Right Crane For Every Project?

If most of your projects require a pick and carry crane, this may be the right purchase for you. But if you find that you need a different crane for each project you work on, it may be better to keep on renting.

Do You Understand A Pick and Carry Crane’s Maintenance Needs?

When you purchase a piece of equipment, you are now responsible for its maintenance needs. This can be costly and time-consuming and should definitely be taken into consideration when you are deciding between buying and renting. Keep in mind that when you rent, maintenance is the rental company’s responsibility.

How Often Do You Think You’d Be Using The Crane?

Purchasing any type of crane is a huge investment, and you want to make your money back on this investment. The only way to do this with a crane is to use it for multiple projects. If your construction business is not yet very busy, it may take a very long time to see a return on your investment, so now may not be the best time to purchase a crane.

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