Benefits Offered By Oil & Grease Pumps

Benefits Offered By Oil & Grease Pumps

An oil and grease pump is a pump that is specially designed for lubrication purposes and applies oil or grease to specific points in equipment that has moving parts to ensure smooth movements and efficiency. These types of pumps are very common in both the automotive and manufacturing industries. There are many different types of oil and grease pumps on the market, with some that hold just a few kilograms of oil, while others have the ability to hold hundreds of kilograms.

While in this article we are combining oil and grease pumps into one category, the two are quite different and have different applications. There are certain applications in which oil is unacceptable, and grease can be a great alternative.

There is a wide range of benefits and reasons as to why companies invest in oil and grease pumps, including:

Efficient Greasing

Instead of a grease pump, your only other option would be a manual grease gun. While grease guns can be cheaper, they are not known to be very efficient and can be extremely time consuming and require an employee to operate them, which can easily lead to human error. Grease pumps offer efficiency that you cannot achieve with a grease gun.

Holding Capacity

oil and grease pump


Depending on the type of pump you buy, you can store large amounts of grease or oil, which allows you to buy in bulk, save money, and save time by not constantly having to top up.

Centralised System

When you have an oil or grease pump, you work with a completely centralised system that offers you many benefits. You can introduce additives into the system, which can preserve your oil and grease for longer and reduce abrasion of your equipment.


Oil and grease pumps will certainly save you money over time. Furthermore, you extend the lifespan of your equipment, and you will actually end up using less grease than if you were to use a grease gun. This is truly the ideal solution.

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