How to Ensure You’re Using the Right Number of Mobile Column Lifts

How to Ensure You’re Using the Right Number of Mobile Column Lifts

Mobile column lifts make doing repair and maintenance work on vehicles all the easier! They are relatively affordable, easy to use, safe, flexible, and do not take up much space on the workshop floor. It is little wonder that they are so popular! Mobile column lifts can usually be bought in pairs, and this type of machinery can work together so that you can use more than one pair if necessary. So how exactly do you know if you’re using the right number of mobile column lifts and that you are using this type of lift correctly? In this article, we’ll be looking at just that.

Check Weight Capabilities

Each mobile column lift is different and will have different weight capabilities. You should check this amount and ensure that you are not overloading the lifts. This can be very dangerous and can cause damage to the lifts and the vehicles. Manufacturers’ instructions are there for a reason. You can add more column lifts to handle more weight, and it’s always better to have too many than too few.

Mobile column lifts

Always Distribute Weight Evenly

A very important thing to note is that weight should always be distributed evenly among the column lifts. You should always use even numbers of column lifts, such as 4, 6, and 8, for this reason. This flexibility that mobile column lifts offer is definitely one of their biggest advantages.

Set Up a Safe Working Space

A safe working space is key to safe operation. Space should have a flat, hard surface and be cleared of any debris. It should also be free from any overhead construction and any manholes etc. Before you do anything, you should also check the mobile column lifts for any damage.

Take Care When Lifts Are Moving

The most dangerous time with operating these lifts is when they are moving, so this is where you should stand back and take extra care that no one is too close to the lifts.

Switch Off When Not Being Used

Once you are done using the lifts, remember to switch them off as a safety precaution!

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