Utilize Flow Meter Price In A Right Way

Utilize Flow Meter Price In A Right Way

Flow meters are used for several purposes like measurements of liquid flow, amount deposited, and many more. The flow meter price depends on the type and capacity of the flow meter to measure. Many companies like Emerson either manufacture or sell flow meters.  There are different types of flow meters such as –


  • Coriolis Meters: – As we have seen, the applications of flow meters are many and in some industries like Pharmaceutical, accuracy is very important to adhere to formulation. In such industries, Coriolis flow meters are used as they are reported to give the highest repetitive accuracy results. This flow meter can excel with great accuracy resulting in a quality and safe product.
  • Differential Pressure Meters: – This meter is the oldest in the industry and is used widely in almost all companies. It is used in industrial process measurement and control, natural gas custody transfer measurement, and other applications.
  • Magnetic Meters: – These are electromagnetic flow meters and are used for precision flow measurement. These can measure the volumetric flow of conductive liquids because of their excellent measurement performance.

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  • Multiphase Meters: – These meters are the combination of single high-energy gamma and electrical impedance measurements to determine phase fractions. It is combined with venture and cross-correlation of velocity measurements.
  • Ultrasonic Meters: – These meters are commonly used for custody transfer and fiscal oil and gas measurement. This type of meter measures the velocity of a fluid in a closed pipe using ultrasonic sound pulses. The selection, however, is based on process conditions like pressure, composition, and temperature.
  • Vortex Meters: – These meters are used to measure low-viscosity liquids and gases under different conditions. If combined with multivariable flow measurement capability, they can result in direct units such as gas standard volume, mass flow, liquid standard volume, and BTU (British Thermal Units) like heat/energy index values.

The above flow measuring devices are available in wide varieties and capacities based on the customer’s requirement.

Applications of flow meters:

The differential flow meters cover 50 percent of overall flow meter usage. The types can be orifice plates, elbow-tap meters, venture tubes, variable area meters, pilot tubes, and others. Most petroleum and food industries use differential pressure flow meters.

Turbine flow meters are used in petroleum pipelines. They can detect pipeline leakage. They are also used to load light hydrocarbon products into rail cars and road tankers.


Flow meters can make the process more comfortable as now auto-control flow meters are also available. A process can be formulated with the help of automatic flow measurements. The flow meter price is one-time investment so it can give good cost control with Emerson.

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