What Is A Davit System, and When Does It Become Inevitable?

What Is A Davit System, and When Does It Become Inevitable?

Davit systems become inevitable while constructing a building at heights or any employee needs to go deeper for maintenance purposes.

However, the primary purpose of this crane-like support is fall protection which is very frequent in such cases. It is also necessary, though!

So, the davit system is the most commonly used fall protection system. But basic information about its structure and usage is also indispensable, which you’ll get below. So, best of luck!

What is the davit system?

The Davit system is crane-like support that lifts things up and sometimes down. It is basically made up of steel or aluminum being developed for various purposes like;

  • Supporting equipment
  • Raising equipment
  • Moving the equipment
  • Anchor the work platform
  • Helping the boats to be in and out of waters

Davit system also provides mobile support other than to be fixed in a place. Any employee can be easily put up and down with this system under fall safety. It offers fall protection support other than a single person. With the davit arm, two people can easily hang for fall protection.

When is it needed?

Its need primarily and purely depends on the nature of the work. The work in which fall protection is necessary, like descending from height to clean windows, etc. it is required.

Davit systems

Fixed fall protection can also work when there’s no davit system. It can be any handrails and fixed anchor points on the wall for rescue purposes.

Structure of a davit system:

Davit system has many parts, but the following are the most basic ones:

  • Davit arm
  • A fixed or mobile base
  • Height-adjusting mast

Parts of a davit system are highly variable. For example, the davit arm comes in different ranges and other parts. In addition, the davit structure is highly adjustable to expansion which can be customized with the help of fall arrest blocks and winches.

And when should you go for it?

You choose to go for a davit system when fall protection is damn necessary, and there’s no way available for safety. The other point which makes its use mandatory are the confined places where there’s no edge of installing anchor points or handrails.


So, to put it all in a nutshell, the davit system protects you from unexpected and sudden falls while wholly protecting any falls for employees’ and workers’ safety to avoid accidents. For more information visit our Website.

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