What Are The Best Car And Truck Lifts?

What Are The Best Car And Truck Lifts?

When you are searching for the best car and truck lifts to buy for your workshop, you may feel overwhelmed by the different types, brands, makes and models that are available. There are certainly many options out there, and making the right choice for you can be challenging at times. As experts on car and truck lifts in Australia, we’ll take the time to shed some light on three of the most popular types of truck and car lifts!

Two Post Car Lifts

Two post car lifts are probably the most common type of lift that you’ll find in professional workshops. These lifts are affordable and reliable and come in two different types: symmetrical and asymmetrical lifts. Two post lifts give excellent underbody access and are perfect for carrying out maintenance and repairs.

It should be noted that two post lifts may have certain weight capacities that are lower than other options, so they may not always be suitable for trucks.

Four Post Car Lifts

Four post lifts are very similar to two post lifts in their operation and design, except there are four posts instead of two. These lifts were designed to handle slightly heavier loads and need to be bolted into the floor for safety purposes.

In-ground Lifts

best car and truck lifts

In-ground lifts are also a very popular option, but they do require a bit more commitment. Their installation requires groundwork, but once the in-ground lift has been installed, you may enjoy more floor space than you would with the other options. These lifts are durable and offer a very beneficial solution.

Things To Consider When Choosing the Right Lift For Your Workshop

  • Lift height and the height of your workshop
  • Price of the lift
  • Lift capacity, while keeping in mind the average weight of your clients’ vehicles.
  • Expected lifespan of the lift
  • Installation costs
  • Lift speed

There is a wide range of other types of lifts out there. But in our opinion, we have mentioned the most viable options in this article, especially if you run a workshop.

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